Transfer Services

The NCTC Office of Counseling and Advising serves as a resource center to students preparing for transfer to other Texas public institutions, and as a focal point for information concerning programs, resources, and services to ensure a smooth transition to four-year colleges and universities. Students can start by visiting the Counseling & Advising Transfer Guide on the website to access Transfer Guides for major universities, as well as Academic Pathways which outline the suggested courses a student needs to take for his or her intended college major.

It is always recommended to visit with an advisor or counselor in person to review these Academic Pathways and transfer degree plans and materials, as well as receive assistance with choosing a major, academic course selection, and the transfer application process.

Additionally, when representatives from four-year institutions visit our campuses, they too assist in the transfer process by highlighting their institution, the programs they offer, and scholarship opportunities. Please check the NCTC website to access a monthly calendar of transfer events and scheduled university recruiter visits.