Networks Program

The Networks Program provides services for students enrolled in one of NCTC's Technical Programs and students who qualify based on one or more of the following categories: Nontraditional Learner; Limited English Proficiency Learner; Learners who are economically disadvantaged; or Learners who are single parents or displaced homemakers. Services include: Non-traditional Career Awareness, Career Assessment, Referrals to Campus and Community Services, Academic, Career, and Individual Counseling Services, Tutoring Services, and Child Care Assistance. For more information, please contact:

Wayne Smith, M.S., CRC, LPC, CBIST
OSD Coordinator
Corinth Campus, Room 170
(940) 498-6207

Yvonne Sandmann, M.S.
OSD Specialist
Gainesville Campus, Room 110
(940) 668-7731, ext. 4321