Dean of Students Department

The Office of the Dean of Students is committed to fostering the holistic development of students at North Central Texas College by providing opportunities for advocacy, leadership, civic learning, career development, moral development, empowerment, accountability, and community engagement. Through a variety of student services, our priority is to support the educational mission of the College while providing a learning environment conducive for student success.

The Office of the Dean of Students includes the following programs and services:

Carol Novak
Departmental Assistant
(940) 498-6224

Dylan Martinez
Student Conduct Assistant
(940) 498-6448

Student Life and Housing & Residence Life

Daisy Garcia
Director of Student Life
(940) 668-3330

Brisa Finegan
Student Life Specialist
(940) 498-6246

Office for Students With Disabilities (OSD)

Wayne Smith
Coordinator, Office for Students with Disabilities
(940) 498-6207

Yvonne Sandmann
OSD Advisor - Gainesville/Bowie/Graham Campuses
(940) 668-3300

TRIO Student Support Services

Nancy Zamora
Coordinator of TRIO Student Support Services
(940) 498-6214
Scott Pulte
Advisor/Coach - Gainesville Campus
(940)668-7731 (ext. 4905)

Camilia Dunn
Advisor/Coach - Corinth/Flower Mound Campuses
(940) 498-6248

Terrie Moss
Advisor/Coach - Bowie/Graham Campuses
(940) 872-5227