Types & Locations of Records

Each record custodian shall be responsible for the education records of the District. These records may include:

  • Standardized test data, including intelligence, aptitude, interest, personality, and social adjustment ratings.
  • All achievement records, as determined by tests, recorded grades, and teacher evaluations.
  • Attendance record.
  • Records of faculty, counselors, or administrative conferences with the student or pertaining to the student.
  • Disciplinary records, including scholastic disciplinary actions.
  • Copies of correspondence with parents and others concerned with the student.
  • Records transferred from secondary schools and other post-secondary institutions in which the student has been enrolled.
  • Records pertaining to participation in student activities including academic awards or recognition by the College District.
  • Information relating to student participation in special programs.
  • Records of tuition and fees paid and outstanding.
  • Financial aid records.
  • Job placement records.
  • Scholarships or other financial awards.
  • Records pertaining to student complaints.
  • Other records that may contribute to understanding of the student.