Student Activities

The Office of Student Life team is responsible for providing student activities which fosters a positive collegiate environment for NCTC students on all campuses.

The overall collegiate learning experience, involves much more than just what happens in the classroom. Social interaction is an important part of that experience. At NCTC, we are working hard to provide an array of opportunities to all students on all campuses which includes Bowie, Corinth, Flower Mound, Gainesville and Graham and to come together in a social setting with their classmates and other members of the college community. These opportunities range from student organizations to special events and everything in between. It's all aimed at making #LifeatNCTC enjoyable, memorable and beneficial to all students.

The College administration welcomes input from students regarding its student activities programs. NCTC strives to be responsive to practical suggestions for expansion of existing programs or implementation of new ones within the framework of budgetary limitations, available staff and physical facilities.

For additional information please contact the Student Life Office at (940) 668-3330 or (940) 498-6246.