NCTC students are informed about campus policies and procedures during the First Year Experience course (NCTC 1101) or Transfer Orientation. Additionally, students residing on campus in the dorms receive orientation sessions on the Gainesville Campus at the beginning of each semester.

Periodically during the year information bulletins regarding safety are distributed on campus and in the residence hall. Students and staff are encouraged to watch for suspicious activity and to contact the NCTC Police Department when such activities are noted. The following suggestions are provided in the spirit of crime prevention:

  • Always lock your vehicle and place all valuable items in the trunk and out of sight.
  • Engrave your personal identification number or drivers license number on all valuables. Record serial numbers and complete descriptions of your property and keep in a safe place.
  • Always lock your residence hall room door, if you live on campus.
  • Never keep large sums of money or valuable jewelry in your residence hall room. Keep all items of value out of sight.
  • Never leave books or other items unattended.