Saturday College

Saturday College at North Central Texas College is designed to fit the busy lifestyle of students who want to complete a college degree. The Saturday College reflects NCTC's commitment to the education of students of diverse ages and backgrounds by allowing students to earn credits toward four degree options by attending classes only one day a week.

Courses that require class attendance will be offered outside traditional teaching hours in blocks of time on Saturday. The courses will be delivered in such a way as to concentrate the learning experience using the facilities and staff of NCTC to offer the opportunity to complete a degree in the traditional classroom setting combined with online courses.

The Saturday College classes fulfill general education requirements for the state of Texas. Many courses will transfer with full credit between and among all public state-supported institutions of higher education within the state. Special articulation agreements between NCTC and the major universities in this region ensure students that their coursework will provide the step up to a higher degree if they wish. Students are advised to meet with their academic advisor prior to enrolling in the Saturday College so they can be assured that the courses they take meet their educational goals.

Saturday College classes are available at NCTC's Corinth, Flower Mound, and Denton campuses. The same objectives and requirements that apply to the courses regularly taught on campus during the week also apply to Saturday College. Although the delivery methods vary, the content does not. Full-time faculty members and adjunct faculty who teach during the week also teach Saturday College courses.