Strategic Plan

Strategic planning at North Central Texas College is a dynamic, collaborative and continuous process designed to gain a widespread involvement in directing the college toward the achievement of its institutional mission. The process sets the future direction for the college guided by our college's mission, vision, values, and outcomes. 

  1. Mission
    North Central Texas College is dedicated to student success through institutional excellence.
  2. Vision
    NCTC will strive to lead the way for improved student engagement and achievement, instructional excellence, and institutional and policy redesign across the campus district and the local community.
  3. Plan Values
    • Quality Education
      NCTC is passionate about providing access to higher education. Its highly qualified faculty and staff and student-centered programs and services reflect NCTC’s commitment to excellence.
    • Diversity
      NCTC is committed to build capacity where students, faculty, and staff can be authentic, learn and grow in an environment that ensures equity and embraces diversity and inclusion in all aspects of NCTC life.
    • Innovation
      NCTC continues to embrace creative ideas, technology, and challenging initiatives.
    • Caring
      NCTC is committed to helping our students through a culture of caring and data support
      to address and eliminate barriers to student success.
    • Excellence
      NCTC strives in all that we do to do it with integrity and institutional excellence.
  4. Plan Goals
    The NCTC Strategic Plan focuses goals on improving student success, access, experiences, and learning through the different lenses of each Strategic Priority: Student Engagement & Achievement; Instructional Excellence, and Institutional Distinction while continually fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout the campus community.
    • Priority Goal 1: Student Engagement & Achievement
      North Central Texas College will work to improve engagement and achievement of underrepresented students through curricular and co-curricular methods leading to equitable opportunities for success as well as positive and impactful institutional change.
      • Improve Course Level Completion through the analysis of withdraw rates and courses completed
      • Increase College Level Course Success Rate
      • Improve student retention (both part-time and full-time) comparing fall to Spring and Fall to fall progress.
      • Increase Overall Graduation Rate, including degree and certificate attainment
    • Priority Goal 2: Instructional Excellence
      North Central Texas College will drive systemic change toward equitable practices through instructional innovation and accountability through the following actions:
      • Diligently work with faculty and faculty leaders to establish a Teaching & Learning Excellence Center.
      • Improve course success rates in gateway courses (HIST 1301, ENGL 1301, MATH 1314).
      • Improve course success rates of underrepresented students from the Fall to Spring success rates.
    • Priority 3: Institutional Distinction
      North Central Texas College will position itself as a state leader in higher education by aligning policy, procedures, and practices to create a culturally responsive institution for equity and student success through relationship building, institutional resource development, and service expansion.
      • Create and implement policies that incentivize completion and success.
      • Increase strategies and priorities related to equity and student success.
      • Establish a Staff Development Program through inclusive practices (Employee Resource Groups)
      • Revisit each local policy and procedure at the institutional, divisional, and departmental level to discover and revise or eliminate biases and barriers impeding faculty, staff, and student success.
      • Fundraising: Provide funding to NCTC for scholarships, program support, and facility needs that align with NCTC's strategic goals and priorities.
      • Donor Relationships: Effectively build strong relationships with existing and potential donors to attain new and increased giving levels. Initiate relationships with potential donors resulting in an increase in individual giving.
      • Marketing: Create and implement strategic marketing plan which encourages support and communicates the impact of funds.
      • Information Technology Services: Maintain equipment and technology infrastructure to meet the needs of students, employees, and the community.
      • Library Services: acquire collections and services supporting learning and research activities of the college community.
      • Human Resources: Increase the employee recruitment strategies, retention, and professional development, and implementation of a diverse workforce throughout the college district with a specific focus on increasing faculty and staff of color.
      • Facilities: strive to coordinate renovation and construction needed throughout the campus community