Statement of Ethics and Philosophy

The College is dedicated to providing quality educational opportunities to all students and to all other persons and businesses wishing to avail themselves of its services. The College is aware of the complexity of challenges facing both individual and corporate members of a technologically demanding society. Therefore, it pledges the commitment of its Trustees, administration, faculty, and staff to an educational program of excellence and flexibility for a constituency of diverse needs and backgrounds. In order to provide its students with the opportunity to improve their quality of life, the College is dedicated to providing dynamic, responsive, and quality services.

The College District seeks to treat each person of the College community as a unique individual and to provide a positive, encouraging, and success-oriented environment. College District policies and practices which protect the rights and development of each individual in the College community shall be enforced. Protection from unlawful discrimination, including conduct that constitutes sexual harassment, and freedom to develop as a student and/or College employee shall be promoted.

The College District accepts its responsibilities to its students, to its employees, and to the members of the community. Further, the College District is committed to meet these responsibilities with balance, fairness, accountability, and ethical integrity. It is the policy of the College District to apply the highest ethical standards to all members of the College community including the Board of Regents, administration, staff, and faculty in achieving its mission and in managing its resources efficiently and effectively to reach its goals and objectives. The College District shall include a code of ethics for Board members, administration, staff, and faculty in its Policy Manual.