Horticulture Program

Lisa Bellows
Science and Agriculture Division Chair
(940) 668-42152

Ashley Hartman
Horticulture Faculty Advisor
(940) 668-7731, ext. 4488

The NCTC Horticulture Program is one of the few programs of its kind, providing a broad, technical education in the field of horticulture, emphasizing practical knowledge while preparing students to work in multiple facets of the industry, including landscaping, floristry, horticulture crop production, and greenhouse management. Students learn a variety of horticultural techniques such as plant propagation, organic gardening, soil preparation, plant identification, and pest management. Courses are taught using a range of teaching methods consisting of hands-on labs, one-on-one instruction, field trips, and lectures. A dynamic and diverse field, horticulture is among the few to bridge the gap between science, art, business, and technology. Horticulture is not only a multi-billion dollar industry that offers increasing job opportunities for students seeking careers in the area, but horticulture also offers countless opportunities for hobbyists.

The program is designed to equip students with knowledge and skills directly applicable to a career in horticulture, providing quality workforce education for those seeking to enter the field of horticulture. Classes focus on the specific needs of the student, whether that is to work for a large corporation or to manage a horticulture business as a sole proprietor.

The Landscape Design Occupational Skills Award, Horticulture Management Certificate, and Sustainable Horticulture Certificate are all available in this program.