Equine Science Basic Certificate

Level 1 Certificate

Equine Science Basic Certificate curriculum focuses on the business and managerial aspects of running an equine facility, whether this is as a sole proprietor or for a public, working ranch, or private equine facility. Coursework may also be applied to Equine Science Certificate as well as Equine Science AAS Degree program. Some of the careers available to graduates include, Breeding Farm/General Farm Mgt., Vet Technician, Bloodstock Agent, Horse Show Manager, Sales Prep and Marketing, and a variety of related Industry Retail/Sales.

Upon completion of the Basic Certificate, students will be able to:

  • Propose managerial practices relevant to the equine industry
  • Evaluate form to function regarding conformation, and performance of horses
  • Utilize relevant computer programs commonly used in equine businesses.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

The program is designed to take 16 weeks to complete and is comprised of the following suggested pathway or course of study.

Certificate Requirements

Courses and credits necessary to earn the Equine Management Level 1 Certificate
AGEQ 1411 Equine Science 4
AGEQ 1305 Equine Enterprise Management 3
AGEQ 1315 Horse Evaluation I 3
AGME 1315 Farm and Ranch Shop Skills I 3
AGEQ 1319 or AGEQ 1370  Western Horsemanship I or Principles of Ranch Riding I (Team)  3