Business Office Technology Program

Dr. Cherly Furdge
Chair, Public Administration and Management Division
(940) 498-6263

The Business Office Technology curriculum is designed to prepare students for a variety of careers related to office technology and to update and sharpen current skills. This program is available 100% online. The program's flexibility allows the student to take classes over the Internet while continuing to work full-time or meeting family needs. It is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills directly related to their career and specifically targets existing occupational areas that are forecast by regional planning agencies to be growing ones. Upon completion of this program, students may find work as an administrative assistant, secretary, receptionist, accounting assistant, or other business office support positions.

The objectives of the program include preparing students to become employable through training in the occupational area by providing adequate information, learning opportunities, and hands-on practice to become proficient in using computer applications and office technology and providing professional guidance and ethical foundations for the office environment.

Prerequisite: Use of the computer is essential for success in this program. Students enrolled in Business Office Technology classes must be able to keyboard at a minimum rate of 30 words per minute, and will be required to take a keyboarding test to verify that they meet this requirement. Those that cannot meet the requirement must take a keyboarding class to improve their skills prior to or concurrent with enrollment.