Application of communication theory and practice to the public speaking context, with emphasis on audience analysis, speaker delivery, ethics of communication, cultural diversity, and speech organizational techniques to develop students’ speaking abilities, as well as ability to effectively evaluate oral presentations.

Meets NCTC Core Curriculum Requirement.

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the foundational models of communication.
  • Apply elements of audience analysis.
  • Demonstrate ethical speaking and listening skills by analyzing presentations for evidence and logic.
  • Research, develop and deliver extemporaneous speeches with effective verbal and nonverbal techniques.
  • Demonstrate effective usage of technology when researching and/or presenting speeches.
  • Identify how culture, ethnicity and gender influence communication.
  • Develop proficiency in presenting a variety of speeches as an individual or group (e.g. narrative, informative or persuasive).

Grade Basis: L
Credit Hours: 3
Lecture hours: 48.0