The fundamental principles of dressage will be addressed. Basic riding exercises and dressage movements will be introduced emphasizing horse and rider fitness, and the development of the equine athlete through the classical and sequential training scale of rhythm, relaxation, connection, impulsion, straightness, and finally collection. Western Dressage principles will also be discussed and use of a western, hunt seat, or traditional dressage saddle will be acceptable.

  • NCTC School horse and appropriate tack will be provided for use.
  • Use of personal horse and tack is accepted per instructor approval.
  • Classic dressage saddles are not provided, but western and hunt seat saddles are available and acceptable for use in this class.

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate progressive ability to ride a horse forward with rhythm, relaxation, and connection, with the goal of achieving impulsion, straightness and finally collection through a variety of basic dressage movements. (USDF Pyramid of Training adapted from the German training scale)
  • Understand and demonstrate elements of a balanced riding position and the coordination and timing of the aids. Circle of the Aids
  • Exhibit ability to successfully complete an appropriate level Classical or Western Dressage test

Grade Basis: L
Credit Hours: 3
Lecture hours: 32.0
Lab hours: 32.0