Development of college-level writing focusing on idea generation, drafting, organization, revision, and utilization of standard English. This Intervention is designed specifically for students assessed at BASE levels 3-4 and must be part of a student’s co-enrollment (co-requisite) enrollment: 

  • as a mainstreamed intensifier providing contact hours for additional, just-in-time instructional support for the student’s success in the developmental writing course, or
  • as a contextualized and/or integrated basic skills instructional support for a Career/Technical Education course.

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Compose a variety of texts that demonstrate clear focus, the logical development of ideas, and the use of appropriate language that advances the writer’s purpose.
  • Determine and use effective approaches and rhetorical strategies for given writing situations.
  • Generate ideas and gather information relevant to the topic and purpose, incorporating the ideas and words of other writers in student writing using established strategies.
  • Evaluate relevance and quality of ideas and information to formulate and develop a claim.
  • Develop and use effective revision strategies to strengthen the writer’s ability to compose college-level writing assignments.
  • Edit writing to conform to the conventions of standard English.

Grade Basis: P
Credit Hours: 1
Lecture hours: 15.0