An enriched, integrated pre-service course and content experience that:

  • Provides active recruitment and institutional support of students interested in a teaching career, especially in high need fields
  • Provides students with opportunities to participate in early field observations at all levels of P-12 schools with varied and diverse students populations
  • Provides students with support from college and school faculty for the purpose of introduction to and analysis of the culture of schooling and classrooms
  • Course content is aligned as applicable with State Board for Educator Certification Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities standards
  • Course must include a minimum of 16 contact hours of field experience in P-12 classrooms.

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Identify current issues influencing the field of education and teacher professional development.
  • Analyze the culture of schooling and classrooms from the perspectives of language, gender, socioeconomic, ethnic, and disability-based academic diversity and equity.
  • Provide examples from classroom observations and course activities that demonstrate understanding of educational pedagogy and professional responsibilities of teachers.
  • Evaluate personal motivations, educational philosophies, and factors related to educational career decision making.
  • Recognize the various multiple intelligences/learning styles in order to be able to implement instructional practices that meet the needs of all students.

Grade Basis: L
Credit Hours: 3
Lecture hours: 48.0
External Learning/Field/Skills/Practicum Hours: 16.0