Minimum Passing Standards

The following minimum passing standards shall be used by NCTC to determine a student's readiness to enroll in freshman-level academic coursework. The following assessments may be used for TSI purposes when on an official college transcript from a Texas public institution with coursework prior to Fall 2013.


  • Reading Skills - 41
  • College Algebra - 46
  • Writing Skills (objective) - 40
  • Written Essay - 6


  • Reading Skills - 81
  • Algebra - 60
  • Writing Skills (objective) - 59 if essay score 5 or higher
  • Written Essay - 6


  • Reading Comprehension - 78
  • Elementary Algebra - 64
  • Sentence Skills- 80
  • Written Essay - 6


  • Reading - 230
  • Mathematics - 270
  • Writing - 220

The minimum passing standard for the written essay portion of ASSET, COMPASS, ACCUPLACER, or THEA is a score of 6. However, an essay with a score of 5 will meet this standard if the student meets the objective writing test standard.

TSI Assessment

  • Mathematics - 350
  • Reading - 351
  • Multiple Choice score of 340 with an essay of 4 or Multiple Choice of 339 or lower with an essay of 5

TSIA2 (TSI Assessment 2)

  • English Language Arts & Reading of 945-990 with an essay of 5-8 or 910-944 with a diagnostic score of 5-6 and an essay of 5-8
  • Math score of 950-990 or a score of 910-949 with a diagnostic of 6

It is important to note that alternative test scores (ASSET, COMPASS, THEA, and ACCUPLACER) will not be used by NCTC unless the scores are submitted on an official in-state transcript. The TSI Assessment or TSIA 2 scores must be submitted on an official transcript or in a sealed envelope from the institution's testing facility, or students can access the Accuplacer online portal to retrieve their own TSI Assessment score report for submission.

Students who do not meet minimum passing standards for any section of the TSI Assessment, TSIA2, or other alternative tests will need to enroll in remediation for that area. Students need to enroll in at least one area of remediation each semester until all remediation has been completed or retesting on the TSIA2 has placed a student at college-level. If more than one subject area of remediation is required, students can be enrolled in more than one preparatory class in the same semester as well as any eligible college-level courses.

Regular and punctual attendance is expected of students enrolled in all classes, both preparatory and college-level, and instructors have the right to drop any student from a course in which the student has excessive absences. Students must complete all required preparatory courses with a "C or better" before proceeding to college-level course work in that subject area.

Students that have not passed a portion of the TSI Assessment or TSIA2 may be enrolled in an integrated course that includes a credit, college-level course paired with preparatory, developmental support. Students are expected to attend and participate in both parts of the integrated course, and must successfully complete the credit portion of the course in order to satisfy TSI requirements in that content area.

NOTE: It is strongly encouraged that students who do not pass the Reading section of their placement test enroll in the preparatory Integrated Reading/Writing class during their first semester.

If students so choose, they may retest on the TSIA2 at any point during the semester in order to potentially place out of their current level of remediation. The student will then be eligible to proceed to the next level of course work in the next available semester for the subject areas in which the student received a higher score. Students should contact the Testing Center at their preferred campus to schedule an appointment for retesting on the TSIA2.