College Level Examination Program

All student requests for CLEP examinations must be made prior to registration into the class for which credit is being requested. Once a course is attempted (even if the course is withdrawn from the student's schedule), no credit by CLEP examinations will be allowed.

For new/first-time NCTC students, credit will be recorded at the end of their first semester of enrollment in which they earn credits through regular scheduled classes. Continuing/currently enrolled NCTC students will have their credit recorded as soon as official score reports are available. Students wishing to use test results for courses that are prerequisite to courses they wish to take are responsible for having official examination scores sent to the college in time to be processed by the Admissions office.

NCTC sets the scores required for credit and the particular courses that may be challenged to receive credit. Testing and posting fees may be charged.

North Central Texas College administers the College Level Placement Exam (CLEP) at the Gainesville Campus on the first Wednesday of each month, and you must pre-register through the Official CLEP website at You must also contact the Gainesville Counseling and Testing Center at 940-668-4216 to reserve your seat for CLEP testing. Each CLEP exam is $100 ($80 paid in advance through the CLEP website when you pre-register for your exam, and $20 paid to NCTC by cash or check on the day of your CLEP exam).

For a list of CLEP tests and the course credit you can receive at NCTC, please consult the chart below, as NCTC does not grant credit for every CLEP exam offered. You are required to know the exact name of the CLEP exam you wish to take when you pre-register through their website. If you have ever attempted a course as evidenced by a grade on your transcript (even a grade of "W"), then you are ineligible for that CLEP exam (ex. if you failed or withdrew from ENGL 1301, you are not eligible to take the CLEP College Composition Modular exam).