Incomplete Grades

A grade of "I" signifies incomplete coursework. The intent of an "I" is to allow a student to complete a course when unforeseen circumstances hinder the student from being able to complete the course during the regular semester.

The student must follow these procedures:

  • To receive an "I" in any course, a student must be in good standing in the course through the last day to drop.
  • The student must petition the instructor in writing, and if the instructor agrees that the incomplete grade is reasonable, he or she will detail in writing the requirements necessary to complete the course and attach the Incomplete Grade form to the final grade roll.
  • It is the student's responsibility to comply prior to the end of the next long semester or the grade will be changed to an "F".
  • Instructors who wish to issue a grade of "I" must submit the Incomplete Grade form with the appropriate documentation to the Division Chair for approval. Once an incomplete is finished, the instructor must submit a Petition of Change of Grade form for final approval.