Course Withdrawal Definition

A course withdrawal, which will be recorded on the transcript, is defined as an affected credit course not completed by an undergraduate student who:

  • is enrolled in the course by the official date of record*
  • will receive a grade of W which has a non-punitive effect on the student's grade point average (GPA)

Official date of record varies according to the length of the course. The most common course lengths are listed below. For the official date of record for all other course lengths, please refer to the Academic Calendar.

The date of record based on the length of the course.
3 week course 2nd class day
5 or 6 week course 4th class day
8 week course 6th class day
16 week course 12th class day

The following courses will be exempt from being counted as a withdrawal towards the 6 drop limitation. The courses are as follows:

  • College Preparatory course drops (including non-college-prep courses dropped as a result of non-attendance in the College Prep course)
  • Co-requisite courses - courses that are linked together such as a lecture/lab class
  • Dual credit courses - courses that are taken as dual credit while also enrolled in the high school

Withdrawals that will count towards the 6 drop limit include:

  • Students who are withdrawn from the institution for disciplinary reason.
  • Students who are withdrawn for non-attendance by individual faculty members.
  • Students who do not meet any of the exemptions listed above.