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The Computer Information Systems & Technology (CITE) curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers in the high-demand Information Technology (IT) segment of the workforce and was developed with the assistance of an advisory council of service area industry professionals. Each area of the curriculum provides entry-level skills and readies students for industry certification in their chosen fields of study.

Students may pursue an Occupational Skills Award (OSA), a certificate, or an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. The program develops students' understanding of industry-standard software and hardware, computer applications, critical thinking, and ethics.

Certificate & Degree Requirements

Career Outlook

The demand for skilled professionals in Information Systems and Technology is high and continues to grow. The entry-level skills acquired at NCTC qualifies students for an industry certification and prepares students for careers as computer programmers, web developers, webmasters, or help desk specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to earn an award, certificate, or degree? add

The Occupational Skills Award (OSA) can be earned in one semester while Computer Information Systems and Technology certificate is designed to be completed in one year. The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is set to conclude in two years. Students, however, may set their own pace.

Will this program help me obtain the necessary industry certifications? add

Absolutely! All of our classes offer lessons, lectures, textbooks, and labs, all of which are designed to help you obtain certification in Microsoft MOS, A+, Linux and more!

Are any of the courses offered online? add

Yes, courses in Computer Information Systems and Technology are offered online in Canvas. Online courses are comparable to classroom courses, but students may attend at a time and place of their choosing. Hybrid classes may also be available each semester. Check with the department for the current class schedule.

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Will this program transfer to a four-year university? add

Yes! The Associate of Applied Science degree (AAS) will transfer to several North Texas universities through AAS to BAAS transfer programs. For more information and a list of participating institutions, please review the AAS to BAAS Guided Pathways.

AAS to BAAS Guided Pathways

Is financial aid available for this degree? add

NCTC believes that all students should be allowed the opportunity to pursue higher education. The Financial Aid Office will help you when applying for aid. For more information, call 940-668-4242, visit Financial Aid, or drop by the Financial Aid Office on any of NCTC's five campuses.

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Who may I contact for more information? add

Susan Svane
Division Chair, Information Technology 
(940) 498-6292

Will Hill
Room 202
(940) 498-6463