Electrical Technician

Electrical Technician

Electrical technicians are a targeted occupation by the local workforce boards and demand is high for those who are seeking a career in the electrical field. The electrical technician program at NCTC gives the student the skills necessary to begin a career as an apprentice electrician.

Since a basic knowledge of electron theory, as well as the ability to calculate electrical values for series, parallel, and combination circuits, is needed to succeed in the field, the initial training begins with electrical fundamentals, as well as electrical safety, which make up the foundation for a career in the field of electricity. The electrical technician also must understand the operating principles for solid-state and conventional controls along with their application and single- and three-phase motors, transformers, and their principles of operation.

In addition, the technician has to have a fundamental concept of programmable logic controllers, principles of operation, and numbering systems as applied to electrical controls. To this end, training continues with a focus on motor control, motors, transformers, and programmable logic controllers. This will broaden the job opportunities for a student in the various fields of plant 

Electrical Technician Workforce Certificate

Career Outlook

The Electrical Technician certificate prepares the student for a position as an apprentice electrician. This is the first step to a journeyman and a master electrician license.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to obtain this award? add

The Level 1 Workforce Certificate can be completed in one semester.

Does this program include hands-on training? add

Yes, our industrial technology labs are located on the Gainesville campus and there are plans in the near future to expand to FSB Denton Exchange.

What if I want to earn more than the Certificate?? add

The Electrical Technician Workforce Certificate also constitutes the second semester of the Industrial Mechanics Certificate and Associate of Applied Science degree.

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Is financial aid available for this degree? add

NCTC believes that all students should be allowed the opportunity to pursue higher education. The Financial Aid Office will help you when applying for aid. For more information, call (940) 668-4242, visit Financial Aid, or drop by the Financial Aid Office on any of NCTC's five campuses.

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Who may I contact for more information? add

Darrell Smith
Division Chair, Industrial & Engineering Technology