The North Central Texas Community College District has implemented managed traffic and parking regulations in order to ensure the safety of the campus community related to the operation and parking of vehicles on campus. These regulations apply to all operators of motor vehicles on campus.


Section 51.202 et seq. of the Texas Education Code (TEC) states that the governing board of each state institution of higher education, including public junior colleges, may promulgate rules and regulations for the safety and welfare of students, employees, and property, and other rules and regulations it may deem necessary to carry out the provisions of this subchapter and the governance of the institution, providing for the operation and parking of vehicles on the grounds, streets, drives, alleys, and any other institutional property under its control including, but not limited to, the following:

  • limiting the rate of speed;
  • assigning parking spaces and designated parking areas and their use and assessing a charge for parking;
  • prohibiting parking as it deems necessary;
  • removing vehicles parked in violation of institutional rules and regulations or law at the expense of the violator; and,
  • instituting a system of registration for vehicle identification, including a reasonable charge.

TEC Section 51.202 continues, “A person who violates any provision of this subchapter or any rule or regulation promulgated under the authority of this subchapter is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction is punishable by a fine of not more than $200.”

TEC Section 54.005 grants the college district the “Right to collect special fees.” The provisions of this subchapter requiring the governing board of each institution of higher education to collect tuition fees do not deprive the board of the right to collect special fees authorized by law.

Campus police officers of the NCTC Department of Public Safety have the authority and discretion to issue warnings, campus notices of violation, or Municipal or Justice of the Peace citations. Civilian staff of the NCTC Department of Public Safety have the authority and discretion to issue warnings or administrative campus notices of violation.


  1. The campus is defined as all lands owned, leased, managed, or controlled by the North Central Texas Community College District referred to as “North Central Texas College” or “NCTC.”
  2. A visitor is an individual with no official connection with North Central Texas College as a student, faculty, or staff member.
  3. A valid parking space is defined as an area designated on three sides by lines and/or posts, curbs, or other types of barriers for the explicit purpose of parking a motor vehicle.
  4. A hazard is defined as a condition or circumstance which could lead to injury, damage to property, or death.
  5. Safe means free of hazard.
  6. Pedestrian means a person whose mode of transit is ambulation or who is defined as a pedestrian under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Examples include a person walking or using a wheelchair, self-propelled wheelchair or handicap scooter. A service animal, as distinguished from a work animal or pet, employed by a person with a disability, is granted the status of pedestrian for the purpose of these regulations.
  7. Non-pedestrian device is any device, apparatus or contrivance operated as a means of transit and propelled solely by human power. Examples include bicycle, tricycle, pedal cart, velocipede, roller skate, in-line skate, skateboard and scooter.
  8. Vehicle means any device, apparatus or contrivance operated as a means of transit and propelled by means other than human power. Examples include, but are not limited to, a car, truck, motorcycle, electric or gas cart, tractor, riding mower, forklift, and motorized scooter.
  9. Operator means a person who is not a pedestrian, as defined above, and who drives or has control of a non-pedestrian device or vehicle.

General Regulations

  1. The North Central Texas College Department of Public Safety (NCTC DPS) is responsible for the management of parking and traffic on NCTC property.
  2. The Director of Public Safety (Chief of Police) is responsible for the implementation and proper enforcement of these regulations.
  3. Safe speeds shall be observed at all times. No person shall drive, cause, or permit a vehicle to be driven on NCTC property at a speed greater than what is reasonable and prudent given the conditions then existing. Any speed in excess of the posted speed limits shall be prima facie evidence that the speed is not reasonable and prudent and therefore unlawful. Visually apparent unsafe speeds or operation endangering life or property may be considered reckless driving whether or not they are measured speeds.
  4. Speed limits on campus property, unless otherwise posted, are as follows:
    • Parking Lots: Ten (10) miles per hour.
    • Parking Garages: Five (5) miles per hour.
  5. Traffic control devices shall be complied with on all campus property. These may include, but are not limited to: stop signs, yield signs, crosswalks, painted designated points, traffic cones or barrels, and temporary barriers.
  6. Pedestrians in crosswalks shall be given right of way at all times.
  7. Inoperable or damaged vehicles are to be reported to the NCTC Department of Public Safety as soon as possible. Operators should identify their problem immediately and follow the instructions given by NCTC DPS. Vehicles left unattended for over 48 hours or unsafe conditions may result in violations with administrative fees or the towing of a vehicle at an officer’s discretion.
  8. All buses, RV’s, trailers, and boats must obtain permission from NCTC DPS before parking on NCTC property. No permanent parking allowed for these types of vehicles.

Permit and Parking Regulations


All vehicles operated by students, faculty, staff, and guests shall display a valid permit when parking vehicles on NCTC campuses. At present, there are no restricted lots, designated lots, or priority permits. Permits may be obtained through the Department of Public Safety.

Parking Permit Cost:

Standard Permit – Included as part of general fees – no additional purchase required.
The standard permit is for faculty, staff, and students. The permit is a hanging mirror tag with built in technology for garage and gate access where applicable. One tag is issued even if multiple vehicles are registered.

Motorcycle Permit - Included as part of general fees – no additional purchase required.
The motorcycle permit is for faculty, staff, and students motorcycle parking only. The motorcycle permit is a card that will be affixed to the license plate but shall not obstruct the plate itself.

Temporary permits shall be issued for all guests and visitors who are parking in a standard lot or garage and for a period longer than that displayed in a time limited space. Temporary permits shall be displayed on the driver-side dash of the vehicle.

Marked Spaces

Marked spaces shall have posted signage of at least 60” minimum height.

Special designated parking spaces on campus include:

  • Visitor – 30 minute time-limited parking without permit for guests on campus. These spaces are not for use by employees or current students without approval and/or special permit.
  • Disabled Veteran / Purple Heart – Spaces designated for use by disabled veterans or Purple Heart recipients. These spaces still require a valid parking permit.
  • Expectant Mother – Spaces designated for use by expectant mothers. These spaces still require a valid permit.
  • EV Parking – Spaces designated for electric vehicles and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles only. Not for use by standard hybrid vehicles. These spaces still require a valid permit.
  • NCTC Fleet Reserved – Spaces designated for college-owned vehicles only.
  • NCTC eFleet Reserved – Spaces designated for college-owned electric and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles only.
  • NCTC Public Safety – Spaces designated for college-owned public safety vehicles only.
  • Disability Parking – Spaces designated for individuals with a disability as defined by Texas Transportation Code Section 681.001 and displaying the proper plate or placard of the same section et seq. Disability parking signage shall display minimum fine amount.
  • No Parking Areas – Spaces marked for no parking, restricted parking, or striped zones. Spaces shall display appropriate markings and signage to include “Tow Away Zone” if designated.

Operational Regulations

Individuals accumulating four (4) or more campus citations in an academic year may be subject to vehicle impound and/or student conduct disciplinary action.  Continued parking offenses can lead to suspension of campus driving privileges.  Referrals for repeated campus citations are forwarded from the NCTC Department of Public Safety to the Student Conduct Committee for disciplinary review. Repeated violations by faculty or staff will be referred to the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs for review and subsequent referral to the employee’s supervisory chain for disciplinary action. 

Enforcement and Sanctions

Violations of the provisions of these approved regulations may be enforced by the NCTC Department of Public Safety. Enforcement may include the issuance of a “Notice of Violation” to the violator with an associated special fee to be assessed. Some violations may also result in the towing and impound of a vehicle at the owner’s expense in addition to a citation or fees for the violation of regulations.

Possible parking violations and the resulting penalty fees.
Parking Violation Fee Amount
Parking in a fire lane COURT*
Parking over time in a time limited zone $20.00*
Parking a motor vehicle beyond the lines of a parking space (crossing single line) $20.00
Parking without a valid permit $30.00*
Parking a motor vehicle upon any unmarked or unimproved ground which has not been designated for parking $40.00*
Parking in service vehicle spaces, service drives, access drives, or special marked spaces when not eligible or authorized $30.00*
Parking in a space or area designated for persons with disabilities without the proper insignia COURT**
Blocking an access ramp or curb cut designed to aid persons with disabilities COURT*
Failure to pay at a pay station $25.00
Obstructing traffic, street, sidewalk, crosswalk, driveway, trash container, building entrance or exit $25.00*
Parking in a no parking or tow away zone $20.00*
Improper display of a permit $10.00
Tampering with or altering a permit $50.00
Parked facing wrong way (opposing traffic) in parallel space $15.00

*Violations which may result in the towing and impound of a vehicle at the owner’s expense.

** Texas Transportation Code Sec. 681.011 - an offense under this section is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not less than $500 or more than $750.  A violation of this regulation may also result in the towing and impound of a vehicle at the owner’s expense.

Impound (Towing) and Immobilization

Vehicles that have been charged with four (4) or more citations in an academic year may be immobilized or impounded/towed with all towing fees being the sole responsibility of the vehicle’s owner/operator.

The College District shall not, nor shall any of its authorized personnel, be liable or assume any responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from a vehicle being immobilized (booted) or towed.

The payment of fines for violations does not remove violation history from the record. Campus parking regulation violations accumulate during the academic year.

Vehicles illegally parked (regardless of number of violations) are subject to being immobilized or towed when left unattended for more than 48-hours without NCTC DPS approval, creates a safety hazard as determined by a police officer, parked in or obstructing a fire lane, reserved space, handicap or handicap access space, overtime in a loading zone, marked tow-away zone, blocking another vehicle in a parking space, parked beyond the lines of a designated space and crossing more than a single line/occupying more than two spaces without NCTC DPS approval, or blocking a driveway, aisle, entry or exit to any parking area.

Moving Violations

All the general and criminal laws of the state are declared to be in full force and effect within the areas under the control and jurisdiction of the state institutions of higher education of this state, Article 51.201, Texas Education Code.

All violations as set forth above may be adjudicated in a court of competent jurisdiction as provided in the Texas Education Code, Article 51.208.

  • It shall be unlawful for any person to drive, operate, push, park, or leave standing a motor vehicle on any area of the campus not designated for driving such a motor vehicle.
  • It shall be unlawful for any person to drive by, through or beyond a barricade or roadblock that is lawfully erected.
  • No person shall willfully fail or refuse to comply with any lawful order or direction of any police officer vested by law with authority to direct, control, or regulate traffic.

A student, faculty or staff member, visitor, or guest who violates a posted speed limit on campus property may be issued a campus speeding violation notice or citation and assessed a violation fee of $25.00 plus $1.00-per-mile for each mile in excess of the authorized speed limit.

Speeding violations in excess of 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit and visibly apparent reckless driving may be referred to the applicable Municipal or Justice of the Peace court for disposition and fines which vary by jurisdiction. Violations of disregarding traffic signals, failure to yield, failure to stop at designated point, and other moving violations in state law will be cited to the applicable Municipal or Justice of the Peace court.

Rights and Resolutions

Campus Administrative Notices of Violation

A person has the right to contest and appeal any campus administrative notice of violation received as a result of violations of the managed traffic and parking regulations. If a person receives a notice of violation and believes it is unwarranted, he/she may submit an appeal by completing the electronic appeal form.

All appeals will be reviewed by the Chief of Police or his/her designee for disposition.  If a citation is upheld at the initial appeal level, students have the right to further appeal the citation to the Student Conduct Committee.  The student must appear before the committee as requested and by the requested “appear by” date. The Student Conduct Committee makes the final decision for campus citations issued to students. Employees have the right to further appeal any campus parking citation to the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs if the initial appeal is not granted. The Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs makes the final decision for campus citations issued to employees.

If an appeal for a campus parking citation is not submitted within the above prescribed time or by the “Appear by Date” on the citation, the citation recipient loses all rights to appeal the citation and a guilty verdict is adjudged and fine assessed.

Citations (State Law Violations)

Persons found to be in violation of Texas traffic laws or Class C Misdemeanors on campus will be cited for those violations and issued a Municipal or Justice of the Peace court citation to the appropriate city or precinct in which the offense occurred.  Such citations are not administratively issued by the institution, but issued by any peace officer of the State of Texas for violations of state law, including campus police officers. Those fines will be assessed by the applicable judge in the Municipal or Justice of the Peace (J.P.) court displayed on the citation.

Appeal Process (Citation Only): Contesting a citation or entering a plea of not guilty to a Justice of the Peace citation must be presented to the appropriate Municipal court or Justice of the Peace office in the city or precinct designated on the citation, not to the NCTC Department of Public Safety. Failure to respond to a citation for a state law violation may result in an arrest warrant issued to the violator for "Failure to Appear" before the court.