Know What to Do


Leave the building immediately.

  • DO NOT use elevators
  • ASSIST the disabled
  • TAKE valuables and cell phone with you
  • PROCEED to assembly area outside


Find a safe place in a building.

  • USE interior rooms away from doors/windows
  • STAY TUNED to LionAlert or officials for updates
  • WAIT for "All Clear" from campus officials


Violent Situation or Active Attack: Remember - Adapt with ADD+

  • AVOID the danger if possible. Get to safety then report the situation - call 911
  • DENY if you cannot safely avoid danger. Lock doors and barricade entries, turn off lights, be silent
  • DEFEND to defend yourself if your life is in danger
  • AID (+) yourself or others who may be injured only when safe from the threat.  If someone is bleeding, Stop the Bleed with direct pressure on the wound