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Lion Alert

The LionALERT Emergency Notification System has Automatic Enrollment. Students Are Prompted to Update Cell phone or Choose to Opt-Out Each Semester in MyNCTC.

  • Text and Email
  • Computer Desktop Alerts
  • ADA Friendly Emergency Beacons w/ Visual and Audio Broadcast
  • Twitter: @LionALERT

Multiple NCTC campuses cover a large portion of North Central Texas region. Many students, faculty, and staff commute between campuses.

Alert texts go to all LionALERT recipients. You may, for example, receive text alerts for the Graham Campus in Flower Mound.

Keep this in mind:  Everyone needs to know about emergencies, events that could impact safety, and campus closures at all locations.

There are many modes we have available to send alerts and notifications.  Depending on the situation, you may receive alerts by text, on campus computers, by audible broadcast, social media, email, or all of the above.  You can also follow and have friends and family follow @LionALERT on Twitter, for the same real-time alerts.

Clery Notice

Friday 4/12/2019, 8:06 AM

Gainesville Campus Security Notice: Sexual Assault 

On the night of Thursday, April 11, 2019, the North Central Texas College Police Department received a report from a female student was reported to have been sexually assaulted by a male student known to her during the evening hours of Sunday, April 7, 2019, in an on-campus residence hall.

This Security Notice is being issued to remind the North Central Texas College campus community that:

  • Sexual assault does not just occur between strangers.
  • Consent must be clear and unambiguous for each participant at every stage of a sexual encounter.
  • The absence of "no" should not be understood to mean there is consent.
  • A person who is asleep or mentally or physically incapacitated, either through the effect of drugs or   alcohol or for any other reason, is not capable of giving valid consent.
  • Sexual assault is a crime.

Resources and Assistance for Students, Faculty, and Staff

The NCTC Police Department is available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you need emergency assistance call: 911 or non-emergency: (940) 668-4270.

Campus & Community Resources

Abigail’s Arms Crisis Center offers a hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (940) 665-2873.

The Office of Title IX & Equity can be reached at (940) 668-4204.

The NCTC CARES Team can be reached at (940) 668-4207.

Additional resources: