About Us


It is the mission of the North Central Texas College Department of Public Safety to protect individual rights, maintain order, and prevent crimes against people and property while observing the highest ethical standards.  In doing so, the department strives to reflect the institutional mission by providing a safe environment conducive to student success and education, earn the confidence of the public, and forge ongoing partnerships through our communities to support a safer academic environment.


A living and learning college environment in which everyone feels safe, policing is proactive, and the campus community experiences positive engagement from the Department of Public Safety.



The North Central Texas College Department of Public Safety’s core values form the foundation on which its employees perform their duties. These values guide the conduct of the staff of the North Central Texas College Department of Public Safety. They are an integral part of our daily operations and ensure that our personal and professional behavior reflect our highest traditions of excellence. The department must reflect the values of the institution as well as holding these departmental values as fundamental:

  • Professionalism: The conduct and demeanor of all staff shall display the highest standard of personal and organizational excellence.
  • Respect: All staff shall recognize the authority held in their respective positions and treat others with respect. The agency will faithfully, and without bias, honor our obligations to the community.
  • Integrity: All staff shall demonstrate ethical decision-making and behavior to maintain the trust of the campus community.
  • Dedication: All staff shall be dedicated to the mission of the college and the safety of the campus community. Dedication within the NCTC Department of Public Safety is the positive influence on student success through community policing on an ordinary day to directly engaging an armed intruder on the most extreme day and everything in between. Each should be done without hesitation or protest for the safety and betterment of our community.
  • Excellence: All staff shall strive for continual improvement, education, and training to elevate themselves, the department, and the campus community. The NCTC Department of Public Safety strives to be a leader in the communities we serve and maintain the respect of our fellow citizens and law enforcement partners.