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How To Rank Well On Google 2021

October 14, 2021
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM
How To Rank Well On Google

Does your company rank well on Google? Receiving calls to help you rank better? Don't spend money- register for this NO COST Live webinar!

About this Event

Eric Spellmann is one of the industry leaders in helping business owners rank better on Google. If you have a website, no doubt you are called at least once a month by someone promising to get you to the "number one spot in Google!" Before you spend one cent, you need to understand how Google actually ranks your site. Eric's high-energy, low-tech presentation style will have even the most techno-phobic business owners riveted to their seats. Google has CHANGED its method of ranking websites. Strategies that worked last year no longer work. Eric explains in plain English how Google now "evaluates" your website. His "white hat" approach to SEO (search engine ranking) guarantees you won't get in trouble with Google. Instead of "tricks", he gives actionable (and Google-approved) strategies that will help get you the search engine ranking you deserve.

Provided by CARES Act funding to deliver services and webinars to small businesses in support of business recovery.

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About the Host

Eric Spellmann

Eric Spellmann is the President of Spellmann & Associates. Eric has established himself as a leader in helping customers meet their online goals through practical, hand-on-application. In addition, he is a featured speaker at a number of national technology conferences. His unique style appeals to all levels of audiences. He is often hired to convey technically challenging topics to non-technical people. He is often labeled a "Technology Evangelist."

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