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What is Copy & Why You Need it to Grow 2021

August 11, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
What is Copy & Why You Need it to Grow

Copywriting for your business - it's not what you think. Come learn what good copywriting can do for you in this NO COST Live Webinar!

About this event

Wondering what copywriting really means and why you should care about it? (Hint: It's not about legal rights and trademarks.) Come learn about what copywriting is and how it's more in your life than you think. Plus, get tips on how to draw in your perfect client with words, uncover why it's hard to write, and discover the must-have pieces for knock-out copy.

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Ashley Cook

As a survivor of corporate America, Ashley Cook knew there was more to life than a cubicle. After 13 years of sales, marketing, and analytics, the winds of change finally blew. Ashley decided it was time for new beginnings.

But she didn't want to abandon her experience. So, she repurposed it. Instead of partnering with major corporations, Ashley shifted into serving small business owners.

Always a lover of a good story, Ashley now partners with mission-driven women entrepreneurs. She does this through copywriting, content marketing, and copy coaching.

Over the course of her career, Ashley has written for solopreneurs and major Fortune 500 companies. She's worked in a myriad of industries, from health and hygiene to fitness, food, and coaching. She’s developed copy for multi-million dollar brands, social media influencers, and small start-ups.

As the creator of Lane Copywriting, Ashley loves words, and she loves sales. Even more than that, she loves putting the two of them together to help entrepreneurs save time, grow sales, and strengthen their influence – with fewer hours at the keyboard.