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Cheramie Law

Cheramie Law

Former United States Marine, Cheramie Law, is a woman on a mission to share the beauty of Texas wine with the world as the co-founder of Salt and Pepper Wine.

Before entering the entrepreneurial world as a vintner with a successful career in data management, Law says her experience at NCTC allowed her to focus on actually going to school and not the cost of school. During her time at NCTC, she was able to able to raise her GPA and acquire skills that she uses today in her business practices.

Law shared that one of the most memorable moments from her time at NCTC was attending her music arts class. “I was able to truly express how the music made me feel,” said Law. “It was the first time I was able to connect with myself in that way, and the professor was so encouraging. It was more than just learning from a book.” 

Cheramie’s exploration as a vintner and passion advocating Texas wine began as a first date in Fredericksburg with now-fiancé, Todd Aho, for a wine tasting in 2013. After years of cultivation, hard work, and a few tears, the Salt and Pepper Wine/Cheramie Wine brand was born. Cheramie’s vision is simple: “I hope to inspire those who don’t see themselves represented in the wine industry and to show them there’s a seat at the table for them. So, pull up a chair and raise your glass, because wine doesn’t have to be so serious. We’re here to have some fun!”

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