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Dr. Jami West

Dr. Jami West

Gainesville native and author of God Intended Your Family to be Healthy, Dr. Jami West began her higher education journey at NCTC. When deciding which college to choose, West shared she chose NCTC because of proximity and affordability. While attending NCTC, one of her most memorable moments was being a lab aid for Dr. Bost, whom she describes as quite the character and her most memorable professor at the college. After attending NCTC, West went on to receive her Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Med at the University of North Texas and later earned her doctorate from Parker University College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas.

After her time at Parker University, she was the first chiropractic intern to work with cancer patients at Cancer Treatment Centers of America and later became the owner of a private practice in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Through her extensive education journey, West said her start at NCTC was beneficial, adding that the smaller class sizes kept her engaged and it was always easy to receive help. She even took classes during the summers to move on to her Bachelor’s degree sooner.

She has created to teach those around the world with health challenges natural medicine, healthy recipes, and how to change the status of their health so they can be on the road to their most abundant life possible. She also is the owner of West Functional Chiropractic, a health and wellness office, and a nominee of the 2018 8 Weeks to Wellness Doctor of the Year.

West specializes in helping those with Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and autoimmune disease get their lives back by looking at the root cause of their disease and at their genetic makeup, then designs a customized plan to help them flourish.

Looking back on her educational journey, and specifically her start at NCTC, West says the advice she would give her younger self is to work hard to get through your fear of college because it is worth it on the other side.

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