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Grace MacAllister

Grace MacAllister

Grace MacAllister is originally from Denton, TX and attended North Central Texas College's Gainesville Campus from 2014-2016. She is currently an Assistant Varsity Softball Coach at Episcopal School of Dallas.

Why did you chose NCTC?
I received a softball scholarship, and the proximity to my hometown played a major role in my choosing of NCTC, but the ability to grow academically and athletically also influenced me on choosing to attend NCTC.

Any memorable moments while attending NCTC?
There are quite a few. There were so many memories I have from playing on the softball team and being a member of the PTK, but the most memorable moment would be when I met my husband, Greg MacAllister, while attending NCTC.

How did your NCTC experience benefit you in your life/profession?

The professors actually made lasting impressions on me. The professors were more than just there to teach a class. They helped me grow professionally, and they also are great mentors.

During my time at NCTC, my experiences helped me learn how to overcome adversity.

Any faculty or staff members that made an impact in your life?
I would have to say that it was Jill Swarner, Instructor/Honors Coordinator (Gainesville). She is such a nice person. She is basically a bright light on the Gainesville campus. Even after graduating from NCTC in 2016, she still wishes me "Happy Birthday" on Facebook. I love what she is doing for NCTC. Also, my softball coaches, Taylor Christian and Van Hedrick, made a tremendous impact on me as an athlete and person.

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