North Central Texas College

Chase Traughber

Chase Traughber

Chase Traughber is originally from Kemp, Texas and attended North Central Texas College from 2008-2011. He is currently a Commercial Real Estate Broker at Axis Realty Group.

What was the motivating factor of choosing NCTC?
I chose NCTC because it was the most affordable option for me and the proximity to University of North Texas.

Most memorable moment while attending NCTC...
The most memorable moment or lesson I should say was trying not to fail a class. Also I met my wife in the first class I ever taken in college, economics.

How did your NCTC experience benefit you?
Being out on my own while attending NCTC taught me a lot. During my time attending NCTC, I was working full time and attending full time. Balancing working and going to school, this was my intro into the real world. Even though it was tough balancing the two, it taught me the importance of being on time and the importance of a good work ethic. The professors I had at NCTC held me accountable for attending class and for my assignments. This happened because the professors at NCTC took the time to actually get to know their students.

Looking back at your time at NCTC, what advice would you have given yourself while you were attending college?
I would probably tell myself to really focus hard on a major. Mine was picked kind of hastily and without much thought. I’m in a career right now that is totally unrelated but is perfect for my lifestyle and personality, unlike the industry of my major. I’m very happy with the path that led me to where I am today, but it would’ve been nice to study and get a head start on real estate much sooner than I did.

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