Women & Minorities in STEM

(Science Technology Engineering Math)
Women studying science

Entering the Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) field can be quite intimidating. These areas of higher learning are truly about tapping into your highest potential. But for certain groups, it can be difficult to avoid feeling like an outsider amongst their peers in STEM. Even mildly marginalizing mentalities can lead to forms of exclusion that can majorly affect one’s ability to succeed. 

At NCTC we see this, which is why we formed the Women and Minorities in STEM Affinity Group. We have put in place mentors with whom you can have a one-on-one discussion to address any issues you may be facing during your STEM journey. 

Also through the NCTC app, you can connect with our online community of STEM students from these lesser represented groups, so you can both be supported and support others. Your success within the STEM field is not merely your own success but encouragement and future success for others like you, and we look forward to helping you get there.

Connect with Affinity Groups two ways:

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Affinity Group Advocates

Lee Ann Rayburn

Lee Ann Rayburn
(972) 899-8336 

“Knowing my own struggles as a female in a predominately male academic program studying math and physics, I want to make sure every woman and student in an underrepresented population (minorities, mostly black and Hispanics, and LGBTQ+) in STEM are provided with a safe space to build relationships with their peers, address their struggles and be heard, and gain access to extra resources they may need in order to reach their potential.”

Franklin Haskins

Franklin Haskins
(972) 899-8400, ext. 8506

“Women and minorities have been treated in the USA as second-class citizens. The effects of this treatment have caused a deficit in positions of leadership in many different industries. This is why I am an advocate of women and minorities in STEM majors.  My goal is to encourage these demographics to pursue their dream in STEM fields to help build leaders for a better America.”

Jill Willi

Jill Willi
(940) 498-6232

“Women and minorities have long been underrepresented in STEM areas. However, more and more are becoming trailblazers in their fields, overcoming cultural and/or societal barriers and opening up new possibilities for women and minorities everywhere. It isn’t easy to get into a field dominated by people who are different from you, but setting goals, getting priorities in order and working hard will make anything possible.

My mission is to encourage all students to follow their passion, whatever that may be. Don’t be afraid to try. It will take hard work and sacrifice, but it will be worth it! ”

Sherry Smith

Sherry Smith
(940) 668-7731, ext. 4350

“As a woman who sought a graduate level degree in Biochemistry, I understand the struggles women and minorities face in STEM. My goal as a mentor is to encourage and empower women and minority students seeking degrees in STEM and walk alongside them in their journey.”

Jerrelyn Gaines

Jerrelyn Gaines
(940) 498-6452

“Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math is also known as STEM had limited opportunities for women and minorities in our country's history. Currently, there are many doors of opportunity for women and minorities to pursue their academic and professional careers in STEM. I count it as an honor and privilege to provide support and assistance to students with the necessary resources and tools to pursue opportunities where their talents, treasures, and work ethic into a career pathway for STEM.”