Rural Communities

Student leading horses at NCTC's Equine Center

If you are a college student who lives far from the city in a rural area, you may have limited access to several tools that are highly useful for achieving success as a college student. Whether you need to find a good roommate, a good daycare, or access to the city job market, small towns and even smaller social circles can make it difficult to solve these or other common challenges.

We understand that, which is why we formed the Rural Student Affinity Group which focuses on the needs related to rural living. Set up a one-on-one appointment with one of our affinity group mentors or use the NCTC app to connect with our online community of rural students who can offer advice based upon their own experiences while overcoming these same challenges.


Connect with Affinity Groups two ways:

Reach out to a mentor or download the NCTC App to start connecting with like-minded NCTC students from this community right now!

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Affinity Group Mentors

Charise Bewley

Charise Bewley
(940) 521-0720, ext. 7102

“Rural students have a unique set of challenges to overcome.  Being a 5th generation Graham-ite who is small town and rural to the core, I understand those challenges.  I look forward to helping our students make this area a positive, productive, and promising place for generations to come.”

Desiree Drattlo

Desiree Drattlo
(940) 872-4002, ext. 5227

“I chose to be a part of the Rural Student Affinity Group, because I believe our rural students need as many resources offered to them as possible. More often than not these students do not have the resources available to them that urban students have. I grew up in Bowie, so I know the challenges students face when it comes to having resources readily available. I hope I can help with creating a group that can network with other entities to help provide more opportunities for rural students.”

Chester Brown

Chester Brown
(940) 498-6440, ext. 4912