Affinity Groups

What is an Affinity Group?

Here at NCTC we are dedicated to not only recognizing but reaching out and lifting up the portions of our student population who may be balancing life challenges on multiple levels. If you identity with one or more of these Affinity Groups, we are here to stand beside you to overcome these challenges and learn that none of these circumstances should get in the way of reaching your goals. For each of these Affinity Groups we offer tools to connect you to allies and advocates from within our staff and student body. We look forward to partnering with you, hearing your story, and elevating your voice.

Learn more about Affinity Groups

Learn more about Affinity Groups through this Q&A where NCTC staff discuss each group with our students.

Affinity Group Advocates Are Here For You

An Affinity Group advocate is a specially appointed NCTC staff or faculty member who has a particular passion and knowledge concerning the issues facing their chosen Affinity Group. It’s the role of these advocates to help their students achieve success by connecting them to needed support, be it a useful resource, a guiding hand, an encouraging word, or a listening ear.