Food & Housing Insecurity Affinity Group

Volunteers at NCTC Food Drive

Food, shelter, clothing: three simple words that represent a chasm of difference between the lives of those who have them versus those who don’t. And not having them can lead to a sense of shame that makes you feel that these struggles are simply an unchangeable part of who you are. But they are not. Obstacles of this nature have far more to do with chance than anything else, and no person is 100% protected from having to face them. In fact, these difficulties are common enough that there are many resources available to offer assistance in these areas. But for several reasons these resources go unaccessed by those who have these needs. 

It’s because of this that NCTC has formed the Food and Housing Insecurity Affinity Group to not only connect you with these types of resources but to stand beside you and let you know that you are not alone in these difficulties. Use the NCTC app to connect with other students and advocates who can offer advice based upon their own experiences while facing these challenges. 


Connect with Affinity Groups two ways:

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Affinity Group Advocates

Barbara Curtis

Barbara Curtis
(940) 498-6422 

“My story is too long for this quote, but even though I don’t know your exact circumstances, I know what homelessness, extreme living conditions, and sustained poverty feels like. But that isn’t you; it’s just your circumstances. The one possession that can never be taken from you is hope, but if you do happen to misplace it, I’ll be happy to do my best to help you find it once again.” 

Jennifer Burrows

Jennifer Burrows
(972) 899-8347

“I am honored to work with students who are in need of basic life necessities. As I’ve worked with students, I witness how having food and housing impacts a student’s academic success. Students thrive when basic needs are met and flourish when they recognize the care from staff and faculty. I am thankful to be a part of cultivating a culture that simply cares for the needs of students and recognizes that students need resources to be successful.”