Admissions (Mane Stop)

Admissions staff are here to assist with your first steps to becoming an NCTC student such as completing your application, submitting documents, and getting you ready to enroll in classes!

TEXT ADMISSIONS: (940) 251-0701
CALL ADMISSIONS (940) 668-7731
SIGN INTO the NCTC Virtual Admissions' line 

For questions about your grades, academic standing, course withdrawal, evaluating your transfer credits/courses from another college, applying CLEP or AP test credit, and FERPA permissions, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

EMAIL: or request your NCTC transcript.

Counseling & Advising

Academic Advisors and Counselors help students explore majors and programs offered, how to take the best combination of classes to meet your goals, assist with questions related to university transfer, and guide students towards academic and personal success.

SIGN INTO the NCTC Virtual Advising line or contact the Advising Virtual Help Desk on Fridays from 8:00 AM-Noon.

Text or email the Advising contacts listed below during the Help Desk times! Or make a virtual appointment with your Advisor today!

PHONE: (940) 668-4216 (to speak with an Advising Departmental Assistant)
TEXT ADVISING: (940) 580-1687
EMAIL: (for questions related to majors, class registration, etc.) or (for questions related to mental health, wellness, or community resources)

Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid provides students with information and guidance with applying for eligible types of financial assistance, such as the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Students who have any types of exemptions or tuition waivers will also work with the Financial Aid Office to have these funds applied to their accounts. Additionally, the Scholarship Office provides local scholarship opportunities through an online application process, and tips on how to secure other types of scholarship awards which can help finance educational goals.

TEXT FINANCIAL AID: (940) 353-0053
CALL FINANCIAL AID: (940) 668-4242
SIGN INTO the NCTC Virtual Financial Aid's line 

Business Office

The Business Office staff are here to assist with questions related to tuition and fees, how to access student bills through MyNCTC, setting up routing of financial aid disbursements and refunds, making payments in person or online, establishing payment plans, and issuing student ID/debit cards.

TEXT BUSINESS OFFICE: (940) 902-8096
CALL BUSINESS OFFICE: (940) 668-4200
SIGN INTO the NCTC Virtual Business Office's line 

Testing Service Centers

NCTC Testing Centers are currently offering online remote proctoring for certain exams, including the TSI (placement test) Assessment. Get step by step instructions on how to register, pay, and prepare for the TSI test.

EMAIL your closest NCTC Testing Center:

Completion Center

The Completion Center provides a variety of services for first-time in college students. These include academic success coaching, goal setting, course planning, student resources, career development, and job placement services for all new college students. Free online Success Seminars are also available through Student Lingo and new students will also enroll in a First Year Experience (NCTC 1001) course to get started on the right track!


Career Services

In need of employment? NCTC Career Coaches meet one-on-one to provide training in writing resumes, job searches, interviewing, and more. The Skills to Succeed Academy is also a free interactive, online employability training program focused on building the skills and confidence you need to find the best career.

TEXT CAREER SERVICES: (940) 202-7184
CALL CAREER SERVICES: (940) 498-6259

Student Success

The Student Success Department is here to offer you the academic support you need to stay in college and not drop your classes! Online tutoring is available for Math, Science, writing assignments, and a number of other subjects through Upswing, which can be found in your One Login and/or on Canvas. You can complete this Tutoring Request Form online as well!

EMAIL STUDENT SUCCESS: Cherly Capuchina or Mary Martinson

Disability Services (OSD)

The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) provides accommodations for students with disabilities. OSD counselors and advisors also provide strategies for academic success; individual, career, and academic counseling services as well as referrals to campus and community services and assistance with admission and registration.

EMAIL or CALL OSD: Wayne Smith (940) 498-6207 or Yvonne Sandmann (940) 668-3300


TRIO is a federally-funded college opportunity program that motivates, supports, develops, and equips students from disadvantaged backgrounds or underrepresented populations with skills, experiences, and practices for college success.


Student Life

Student Life promotes student (in-person and virtual) events, activities, volunteer and leadership opportunities to foster student engagement by a variety of departments at NCTC. Be sure to download the NCTC App to connect with other current or prospective students and get immediate updates and feedback about all things NCTC!


CALL STUDENT LIFE: (940) 380-2530

Residence Life

Residence Life oversees our Gainesville Campus athletic housing/dorms as well as social and educational programs for our student athletes, who are required to live on-campus. 

CALL RESIDENCE LIFE: (940) 668-4259

Library Services

NCTC Libraries have resources from books and media to online databases and study guides to help students succeed in the classroom. Please contact us through our Ask a Librarian form or email one of our helpful librarians.



All NCTC Bookstores are operated by Follett Corporation-while campuses are closed Follett's virtual bookstores provide easy online ordering of textbooks including rentals, free shipping for orders over $100, and curbside pickup at the Corinth location. Financial Aid funds will be available to use for online and in-store textbook orders starting August 6th through September 2nd. Not ordering books through Follett? You can still use their website to search for the textbooks required for your courses!

EMAIL or CALL NCTC BOOKSTORE: Bookstore Manager or (940) 497-4355

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups offer specialized mentorship as well as tools to connect you to allies and advocates with similar backgrounds from within our staff and student body. It is part of our institutional commitment to seeing, serving, and embracing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

EMAIL or CALL: or (940) 668-4206