Reporting Resources & Responsibilities

Reporting Requirements


The College District requires employees observing or having knowledge of prohibited conduct to immediately report such conduct to the Title IX Coordinator. Employees include administrators, supervisors, directors, deans, department chairs, human resource personnel, staff, instructors, unpaid interns, resident assistants, and other student-employees, when reporting is within their capacities as employees.


Although not required, students are strongly encouraged to immediately report prohibited conduct to the Title IX Coordinator and/or seek counseling, medical and/or support assistance.


Any person or victim that is a recipient of Prohibited Conduct is strongly encouraged to report the conduct to the Title IX Coordinator and/or seek counseling, medical and/or support assistance. Victims of sexual assault are highly encouraged to contact campus or local police and seek immediate medical attention.

College District

For Prohibited Conduct that is a criminal offense pursuant to Texas Penal Code, Chapters 21 and 22 or applicable federal or state criminal law, the College District, if required by law, shall report such Prohibited Conduct to NCTC Police Department and/or appropriate local law enforcement agency. Even if not required by law, the College District may report such Prohibited Conduct, based on its severity, to the appropriate law enforcement agency. The Complainant shall be advised if such action is taken by the College District.

Other Parties

Any other person who becomes aware of an incident of Prohibited Conduct is strongly encouraged to immediately report the alleged conduct to the College District Title IX Coordinator.

Reporting Resources and Assistance

Prohibited Conduct can be reported through any of the following reporting sources:

Dr. O. John Maduko, M.D.
Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs 
1525 West California Street
Gainesville, TX 76240
(940) 668-4206
Fax: (940) 668-6049

Campus Assessment Response Evaluation Services (CARES): Incident Report Form
The CARES Incident Report Form is the College District's online reporting form which also allows for Anonymous Reporting.

Confidential Employee/Licensed Community Professionals
This reporting option is available for any person seeking confidential assistance and support regarding Prohibited Conduct, but does not want the matter reported to the Title IX Coordinator or any other person, or requests the College District not investigate or take disciplinary action related to the Prohibited Conduct.

Law Enforcement Agency
Any complainant choosing to pursue criminal action in addition to, or instead of, making a report through the College District report source under this policy can contact law enforcement directly:

911 (for emergencies)

North Central Texas College District
Campus Police (940-668-4270)

Bowie Campus
City of Bowie Police (903-872-2251)
Bowie County Sheriff (903-798-3149)

Corinth Campus
City of Corinth Police (940-498-3200)
Denton County Sheriff (940-349-1600)
City of Denton Police (940-249-8181)

Flower Mound Campus
City of Flower Mound Police (972-539-0525)
City of Lewisville Police (972-219-3600)

Gainesville Campus
City of Gainesville Police (940-668-7777)
Cooke County Sheriff (940-665-3471)

Graham Campus
City of Graham Police (940-549-6441)
Young County Sheriff (940-549-1555)

Office of Civil Rights (OCR)
A complaint must be filed within 180 days of the date of alleged Prohibited Conduct, unless an extension is granted by OCR enforcement agent. Although is the right of the Complainant to file with OCR, the College District highly encourages Complainants to file a report of Prohibited Conduct to the Title IX Coordinator as all complaints are taken seriously and shall be investigated promptly and equitably. If a Complainant has used the College District's complaint process, and is unsatisfied with the outcome, the Complainant may file a complaint with OCR within sixty 60 days after the final decision of the College District.

Coordination with Law Enforcement Agencies

Some Prohibited Conduct (e.g. sexual assault, domestic partner violence, sexual violence, and stalking) may also constitute a violation of criminal law. Thus, in addition to reporting Prohibited Conduct to the Title IX Coordinator, persons having knowledge of a Prohibited Conduct which involves a crime, such as sexual assault, sexual battery or acts of sexual violence have the right and are strongly encouraged to report such conduct to the NCTC Police Department, or local law enforcement agency for off-campus conduct for their own protection and that of the College District Community.