NCTC Police Department

Police Officers and Security Officers can be reached for each campus by calling the number below and selecting the appropriate number from the automated system. For medical emergencies always dial 911.

Community members, students, faculty, staff, and guests are encouraged to report all crimes and public safety related incidents to the North Central Texas College Police Department in a timely manner.

To report a crime or an emergency at any North Central Texas College campus, dial extension 4270 from any North Central Texas College phone, or dial (940) 668-4270 from any phone outside the college system. Officers are available at this telephone number twenty-four (24) hours a day to answer all calls. If assistance is required from another Police Department, North Central Texas College Police Officers will contact the appropriate agency. If a sexual assault or domestic violence situation should occur, officers on the scene will offer the victim a variety of services.

For any non-emergency complaint or concern, you can contact North Central Texas College Police Department via the email address below.

Phone: 940-668-3309

NCTC Police Department Misson

It is the mission of the North Central Texas College Department of Public Safety to protect individual rights, maintain order and prevent crimes while observing the highest ethical standards. In doing so, we strive to provide a safe environment on campus that is conducive to foster the students successful development and education. The department also strives to earn the confidence of the public and forge an ongoing partnership of cooperation with our community, which will permit them to develop life skills within a safe and peaceful academic environment.

NCTC Police Authority and Jurisdiction

North Central Texas College Police Officers have the complete authority to apprehend and arrest anyone involved in illegal acts throughout Cooke, Denton, Montague and Young Counties. Officers have county-wide jurisdiction. North Central Texas College Police Department provides policing services to the District's five campuses (Gainesville, Corinth, including Pinnell Square, Flower Mound, Bowie and Graham). If minor offenses involving North Central Texas College rules and regulations are committed by a North Central Texas College student, the North Central Texas College Police may also refer the individual to the Vice President of Student Services Office for appropriate disciplinary action.

Major offenses such as rape, murder, aggravated assault, robbery, and auto theft are reported to the college, and joint investigative efforts with the city police are deployed to solve these serious felony crimes. When criminal offenses are prosecuted, cases are filed in the appropriate court having jurisdiction: municipal, justice of the peace, county or district court.

North Central Texas College Police personnel work closely with local, state and federal agencies. Any North Central Texas College-owned or -leased property in outlying areas is patrolled jointly by both North Central Texas College Police and local law enforcement. Through coordination with local law enforcement agencies, any criminal activity engaged in by students at off-campus locations of student organizations is monitored and recorded. This information is provided to the Vice President of Student Services Office for any action or follow-up that may be required.

Know What To Do
(Emergency Action Plan)

Look for the "Know What To Do" [PDF Download] Emergency Action Plan (EAP) posters in your classroom or office. Review the contents and be prepared, you will not always have the luxury of time in an emergency situation. This plan is a "Quick Guide" for the highest risk emergencies to keep you better prepared. If you do not see an EAP posted, please contact Chris McLaughlin at