Cast list announced for "The Twits"

NCTC Drama | Mar 1, 2017
Thank you all for your talents and taking time to audition! It was a tough decision, but there are only so many roles. I encourage everyone to continue auditioning with us. Please email to accept your role. Our first read-through will be next Wednesday, March 1, at 6:30 pm.
THE TWITS Cast List:
Narrator - Jake Conner
Mr. Twit - Trevor Gates
Mrs. Twit - Krystal Kieninger
Roly-Poly Bird - Hortence Keita
Mr. Muggle-Wump - Elijah Chisholm
Mrs. Muggle-Wump - Hayli Stephens
Little Muggle-Wump 1 - Aspen Alford
Little Muggle-Wump 2 - Hannah Mathey
Little Muggle-Wump 3 - Scout Morrow
Bird Puppeteers - Madison Alford, Cassandra Brooke, Sydneigh Alford