Corinth campus hosts Black History Month program

by Robert Edwards, NCTC Student | Feb 18, 2015 <p> </p>

North Central Texas College hosted a Black History Month celebration in the Corinth campus library on Monday. The event spotlighted and offered tributes to black leaders that have impacted society.

NCTC Financial Aid Advisor Ashley Fleeks opened the event and helped introduce the program. The first individual to speak was Kimberly Sims, who is currently the Public Information Manager for AGL Contractors. She spoke of her amazing journey from where she started her education to where we see her today. She explained what black history meant to her and the impact it had on her path. Ms. Sims' most current project is the Interstate 35 highway expansion project. Ms. Sims is responsible for communicating the information from the highway project team to the general public.

The next individual that spoke was Dr. Zandra Rucker Asbury. She spoke about how her path was fueled by motivation, and also about the hardships she faced in her life. Dr. Rucker Asbury talked about the importance of education not only in the black community, but for all communities. Dr. Rucker Asbury also performed on the keyboard and sang the black National Anthem with the audience.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Pennie Murray, an accomplished author and corporate inspirational speaker. Looking into her heritage, for clues as to who she is, she constantly asked herself this question, "Do I have runners in my family?" By runners, she meant ancestors that did not conform to the status quo. She eclipsed that question by realizing she was running now. By realizing who she was and what her purpose was, she set out to do amazing things.

To end the celebration, NCTC president Dr. Brent Wallace played an inspiring song on the keyboard. Final announcements and the closing remarks were said by Dr. Roxanne DelRio, NCTC Associate Dean of Denton County campuses.

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Dr. Wallace Playing at black History MOnth