NCTC students welcome MOH recipients

Darin Allred | Apr 14, 2014

Students in the Environmental Science class at North Central Texas College were able to use a class project to show their patriotism at the same time.

The class was studying ecotourism and the positive impact on cities. Since Gainesville hosts a Medal of Honor celebration each Spring, the class took advantage of the opportunity to see first-hand how an event like Medal of Honor Week impacts the Gainesville community.

Students joined other Gainesville residents in welcoming the Medal of Honor recipients to town on April 9 by gathering on a bridge overlooking Interstate 35 and waving flags as the motorcade carrying the recipients passed by. They were joined on the bridge by the City of Gainesville Fire Department and their ladder truck with a giant American flag. Students also planned to attend a special tree-planting ceremony at the Medal of Honor Walking Trail in Gainesville.
Then on Thursday, students in Gabrielle Fletcher's English Composition class hosted a luncheon for the Medal of Honor recipients at the NCTC Student Activity Center in Gainesville. The students read a poem they had written for the recipients, then presented a copy to each military hero.

Environmental Science class welcome MOH recipients to Gainesville on Wednesday

English Composition class at MOH Luncheon on Thursday