Art Exhibit winners recognized at reception

Darin Allred | Apr 23, 2014

GAINESVILLE - Winners received their awards at a recent ceremony capping this year's 48th annual Community Art Show hosted by the Visual Arts Department at North Central Texas College.

Both the awards ceremony and the public exhibition of the 155 entries in this year's show took place in the NCTC Visual Arts Center on the Gainesville Campus.

Members of NCTC's Visual Arts Club volunteered their time to assist in presenting certificates and a total of $1,350 in combined cash prizes to top winners of the various media categories.

Guests at the awards ceremony also were invited to tour and explored the various art studios within the Visual Arts Center.


This year's winners were:

Youth Division I (K-2): 1st- Jarisbetsy Hernandez, Edison Elementary; 2nd- Cole Dangelmayr, Sacred Heart; 3rd- Jami Hendricks, Butterfield Elementary; HM- Addison Flynn, Edison Elementary; HM- Yohana Salmeron, Edison Elementary; HM= Luke Hesse, Sacred Heart.

Youth Division II (3-5): 1st- Bryn Coambes; 2nd- Rachel Hesse, Sacred Heart; 3rd- Jessica Roberts, Immaculate Conception; HM- Mara Juntado, Sacred Heart; HM- Jango Conner, Lee Intermediate.

Youth Division III (6-8): 1st- Samantha Muller, Sacred Heart; 2nd- Ian Kintz, Sacred Heart; 3rd- Zachary Downe, Era; HM- Brittany Laird, Whitesboro; HM- Nicole Lopez, Immaculate Conception.

Youth Division IV (9-10): 1st- Courtney Baldwin, Callisburg; 2nd- Cari Croninger, Callisburg; 3rd- Alex Hinshaw, Era; HM- Kassie Cooper, Callisburg; HM- Ashley Downe, Era.

Youth Division V (11-12): 1st- Jonathan Merigian, Sanger; 2nd- Chrissy Croninger, Callisburg; 3rd- Heidi Spann, Chico; HM- Amy Cole, Chico; HM- Ira Burgess, Callisburg.

Best of Show - Youth Division: Jonathan Merigian for "Wolf" ($50 check from NCTC).

First State Bank Gold Award - Youth Division: Jonathan Merigian for "Wolf" ($125 Visa Gift Card from First State Bank).

First State Bank Silver Award - Youth Division: Bryn Coambes for "Untitled" ($50 Visa Gift Card from First State Bank).


Open Division:

Category A - Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor: 1st- Laura Horner with "Mule Deer Skull"; 2nd- Jose Gutierrez for "Old Faithful"; 3rd- Judith McMillion-Smith for "Got Milk?"; HM- Roxanne Musick for "Sea Side"; HM- Harriet Nix for "Jug, Garlic & Pomegranate".

Category B - Pastel, Pen, Pencil: 1st- Roxanne Musick for "Sunspot Sweetie"; 2nd- Gary Caldwell for "This Old House"; 3rd- Chrissy Croninger for "He Once Had a Name"; HM- Savhanna George for "Love Shall Never Cease"; HM- Roxanne Musick for "Let Go of the Ashes".

Category C - Photography, Digital Art: 1st- Melisa Cisneros for "Dad"; 2nd- Tony Avila for "Whippin' Up Some Trouble"; 3rd- Bud Peters for "Skagway"; HM- Karen Freeman for "Beauty in the Ruins'; HM- Melisa Cisneros for "Lone Tree".

Category D - Jewelry, Metalworking: No Entries.

Category E&F - Sculpture, Ceramics: 1st- Kris Kirk for "Troll"; 2nd- Karen High-Davis for "Momma's Passion"; 3rd- Kris Kirk for "Pig Breeze"; HM- Kassie Cooper for "Little Beauty"; HM- Earl Deaver for "Obvard Fired Thrown and Altered Bowl".

Category G - Textiles, Fibers, Multimedia: 1st- Joe Conner for "Real Love"; 2nd- Kristie Easter for "Performance Equine Associates"; 3rd- Harriet Nix for "Integration Nature".

Best of Show - Open Division: Laura Horner with "Mule Deer Skull" ($100 check from NCTC).

Exhibit Theme Award: Oscar J. Gutierrez for "Old Faithful ($50 check from NCTC).

Muse Award: Melisa Cisneros for "Dad" ($50 Framing Credit).

First State Bank Gold Award - Adult Division: Kristie Easter for "Performance Equine Associates" ($125 Visa Gift Card from First State Bank).

First State Bank Silver Award - Adult Division: Tony Avila for "Whippin' Up Some Trouble" ($50 Visa Gift Card from First State Bank).

People's Choice Award: Jose Gutierrez for "Old Faithful" and Brittany Laird for "Rescued by You ($50 check from NCTC)

The Gainesville Area Visual Arts organization presented art supplies to the top three winners in each youth division. Those art supplies are funded by the Genelle Merrick Memorial Endowment Fund, which is a permanently endowed fund, established in 2001, intended specifically for winners at this annual exhibit.

For more information about the Annual Community Art Exhibit at North Central Texas College, contact the exhibit coordinator, Karen Lampson, at 940-668-7731 ext. 4504 or by email: