Honors Program coordinator contributes chapter to new book

by Darin Allred | Nov 11, 2013 <p> </p>

CORINTH - A North Central Texas College English instructor served as a contributing author for a book focusing on the ways in which women have used political rhetoric and discourse to provide leadership at the national level.

The book, Political Women: Language and Leadership, includes a chapter written by NCTC English professor Rochelle Gregory. The chapter, co-authored by Maria Daxenbichler, is entitled "Electing the Commander in Chief: The Gender Regime and Hillary Clinton's 2008 Campaign Rhetoric."

In the chapter, Gregory and her co-author analyze the challenges Clinton faced in the campaign in her 2008 Presidential bid.

"Clinton was repeatedly condemned as being shrewd, harpy, unlikable, emasculating, and disingenuous," the authors stated in the book. "While the gender regime is flexible enough to allow some women into political offices, they have to use masculine rhetoric to avoid being perceived as too feminine, which hurts their chances at a masculinized political offices."

The book was edited by Michele Lockhart, a teacher at Texas Woman's University, and Kathleen Mollick, a professor at Tarleton State University.

In addition to teaching English at NCTC, Gregory is also the coordinator of the college's Honors Program.