Graham campus to host Vampire lecture

by Darin Allred | Nov 01, 2012 <p> </p>

GRAHAM - Have you ever wondered how the vampire evolved from folk stories about mysterious Eastern European counts with no regard for human life to eternally-young "vegetarian" vampires that sparkle like diamonds in the sunlight?

Well a special lecture on the North Central Texas College Graham campus on Nov. 13 might shed some light on this fascinating phenomenon.

"From Vlad the Impaker to Edward Cullen: Origins of the 21st Century Vampire in Myth, Literature, Television and Film" is scheduled for 1 p.m., on Tuesday, Nov. 13 in Room B-2 on the NCTC Graham campus.

NCTC librarian Dax Stokes will explore the history and evolution of vampires in American culture. Among the questions tackled will be: What are the origins of the vampire myth? Is Transylvania really the hotbed of worldwide vampire activity? Did Bram Stoker invent the modern vampire? Was Dracula real? Why can some vampires go outside while others can't? Why are there so many television shows about vampires today? Do vampires have a soul?

Attendees are warned that the lecture may include images of a graphic nature.

The lecture is sponsored by the NCTC Honors Program and is open to the public.

For more information about Honors Studies at NCTC, contact program coordinator Dr. Rochelle Gregory at 940-498-6297 or by email at