App Design becoming popular program at NCTC

by Darin Allred | Nov 30, 2012 <p> </p>

GAINESVILLE - Students in the App Design program at North Central Texas College will be glad to know that the demand for talented and skilled designers continues to grow.

According to a recent article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, mobile app developers can make more than $100,000 a year.

The article stated that while the overall economy is still sluggish, the "app economy" has created nearly 500,000 jobs in the United States since 2007.

It went on to say that some companies worry that the nation isn't moving fast enough to produce new talent for thousands of unfilled jobs in the industry. As a result, salaries are rising quickly.

According to the article, mobile app developers can expect pay increases of 9 percent next year, putting them in the range of $92,750 to $133,500 a year.

That is precisely the reason an App Design program was started at NCTC this fall. Students can now get certified in the design of mobile applications through a program offered on the Gainesville campus.

The Mobile App Development program allows students to receive a certificate after just two semesters. Classes meet in the new MacPro Lab on the Gainesville campus. The computer lab features 21 new Mac computers.

"We are excited that we are able to provide a new MacPro lab, along with the latest software, to offer our students the opportunity to prepare for a job in this new, exploding industry," NCTC Dean of Instruction Debbie Huffman said. "Curricula for the spring semester includes iOS Application Programming, Game and Simulation Programming and Intro to Computer Graphics."

Spring semester classes begin on Jan. 14. The program allows students to learn to program mobile apps for iOS devices like iPhones, iPads and iPods, as well as Android devices.

A minimum of 30 hours is required for graduation with a certificate in Career and Information Technology (CITE) Game Design.

For more information on the Mobile App Development program, contact Huffman at 940-668-7731 Ext. 4475 or by email at