Love to sing? Then join the College Singers

by Darin Allred | Aug 10, 2012 <p> </p>

GAINESVILLE, TX - The choral department at North Central Texas College is looking for a few good singers.

While the college has had a choral program in the past, it is being "rebuilt" this year with a full-time instructor.

Shane Studdard, who recently directed a two-week run of "The Sound of Music" on the NCTC campus, will serve as the director of NCTC's College Singers.

The College Singers group is open to any NCTC student who has a love of music and wants to be a part of the choir. Students will even receive a Fine Arts credit for taking the class.

"We want to build a dynamic program and we are looking for students who love to sing and may need some scholarship money," Studdard said. "Maybe they sang in high school. It's a great outlet and a great way to meet people.

"It's also a terrific way to give back to the community because we are going to be singing at service clubs and really any place we can find an outlet. It's really about beginning a new program and getting in on the ground floor of something that is going to be really exciting."

The class will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2 p.m., at the First State Bank Center for the Performing Arts on the Gainesville campus.

When college officials started looking for a full-time faculty member to teach the class and direct the choral group, Studdard was a logical choice.

"My background is choral music and in the past I have been integrally involved with the choral program here, but now I am taking up the reins and I love it," he said. "It's what I do. I love to create ensembles and choirs and concerts and experiences for people that love to sing."

The weekly classes and various public performances will only be a part of what the program will include.

"Another exciting element that I'm going to start building on is taking the choir to the community college All-State choir experience," Studdard said. "The students will audition to become a part of a choir that is comprised of all the best community college students from across the state. It's a great experience. That has not happened chorally here before, but that's one of the exciting things we're going to add to the program."

Students interested in being a part of the College Singers will also be excited to learn that money is available to help pay for their education at NCTC.

"There are scholarships available and it's not a difficult thing to get a scholarship," Studdard said. "You just need to be brave, make an appointment, come in and sing for me. Chances are really good that we can find some scholarship money for people that want to be really involved."

To be a part of the College Singers, students must sign up for the Tuesday/Thursday class. The class number is MUEN1154.

For more information on the class or scholarship opportunities, contact Studdard at 940-668-3322 or by email at