NCTC art exhibit winners recognized at reception

by Pamela VanHook | May 14, 2012 <p> </p>

GAINESVILLE, TX - More than 50 winners received their awards at a recent ceremony capping this year's 46th annual Community Art Show hosted by the Visual Arts Department at North Central Texas College.

Both the awards ceremony and the public exhibition of the 141 entries in this year's show took place in the NCTC Visual Arts Center on the Gainesville Campus.Best in Show winner

Members of NCTC's Visual Arts Club volunteered their time to assist in presenting certificates and a total of $1,900 in combined cash prizes to top winners of the various media categories.

Guests at the awards ceremony also were invited to tour and explored the various art studios within the Visual Arts Center.

This year's winners were:

Youth Division I (K-2): 1st-Rachel Fox, Immaculate Conception; 2nd-Morgan Owen, Sivells Bend; 3rd-Amanda Wisker, Immaculate Conception; Honorable Mention-Wyndi Smith, Sivells Bend; Honorable Mention-Avery Donaldson, Valley View

Youth Division II (3-5): 1st-Daniel Lampson, Lindsay; 2nd-Leah LaBarbera, Immaculate Conception; 3rd-Elliot Lampson, Lindsay; HM-Hannah Payne, Immaculate Conception; HM-Logan Moonier, Immaculate Conception

Youth Division III (6-8): 1st-Abbie Eberhart, Callisburg; 2nd-Courtney Baldwin, Callisburg; 3rd-Anthony Caeti, Immaculate Conception; HM-Brooke Devers, Immaculate Conception; HM-Christian Jimenez, Immaculate Conception

Youth Division IV (9-10): 1st-Sacha Shannon, Sanger; 2nd-Chrissy Croninger, Callisburg; 3rd-Chrissy Croninger, Callisburg; HM-A.J. Hacker, Callisburg; HM-Kaylee Phillips, Callisburg

Youth Division V (11-12): 1st-Hayley Brey, Sanger; 2nd-Haylie Wilson, Sanger; 3rd-Jeffrey McClinton, Callisburg; HM-Lauren Wilson, Callisburg; HM-Mayra Puga, Sanger

Best of Show - Youth Division: Sacha Shannon for "Rob Machado" ($50 check from NCTC)

First State Bank Award - Youth Division: Chrissy Croninger for "Kristen Stewart" ($100 Visa gift card from First State Bank)

Adult and College Student Division:

Category A - Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor: 1st-Gabriel Konkle with "Different Branches"; 2nd-Carol Henry with "Ride and Slide"; 3rd-Janette Winkles with an untitled piece; HM-Cynthia Westbrook with "You Found Her, Now What?"; HM-Laura Horner with "Column-Woodmen Circle Home"

Category B - Pastel, Pen, Pencil: 1st-Roxanne Musick with "Too Long"; 2nd-Dale Hale with "Guardian of the Valley"; 3rd-Amy McCluskey with "Guardian"; HM-Roxanne Musick with "Dew Kissed"; HM-Janet Strother with "Charcoal Still Life"

Category C - Photography, Digital Art: 1st-Abigail Kirk with "Dog Day Afternoon"; 2nd-Abigail Kirk with "Listening for Coyotes"; 3rd-Heidi Klutschkowski with "Maizy"; HM-Jackie Nix with "Critter 1"; HM-Jackie Nix with "Critter II"

Category D - Jewelry, Metalworking: 1st-JoAnna Hernandez with "Georgie Hanging Bookmark"; 2nd-Aubrey Fortenberry with "Key To My Heart"; 3rd-JoAnna Hernandez with "Magpie Collection Jewelry Stand"; HM-JoAnna Hernandez with "Masquerade"

Category E - Sculpture: 1st-Nicole Barletta with "Leonardo"; 2nd-Gabby Fostel with "No Evil" 3rd-Nicole Barletta with "Music = Heart & Soul"

Category F - Ceramics: 1st-Laura Marshall with "Guinea"; 2nd-Sharon Kirk with "Snake Charmer's Pot #3; 3rd-Tracey MacGowan with "Peeking At You"; HM-Christiane Schmidt with "The Flowery Pot"; HM-Kris Kirk with "Wee Willie Winkie"

Category G - Textiles, Fibers, Multimedia: 1st-Scott Leach with "Wee Critters"; 2nd- Gayle Hermes with an untitled piece; 3rd-Retha Bond with "Matthew 2:9&10; HM- Gayle Hermes with an untitled piece; HM-Trish Igo & Jill O'Brien with "Dove 1"

Best of Show - Adult Division: Laura Marshall with "Guinea" ($100 check from NCTC)

Exhibit Theme Award: JoAnna Hernandez with "Georgie Hanging Bookmark" ($50 check from NCTC)

Powell Fine Art Gallery Award: Laura Horner with "Column - Woodmen Circle Home" ($50 gift certificate towards a purchase at the Powell Gallery)

First State Bank Award - Adult Division: Janette Winkles with an untitled piece ($100 Visa gift card from First State Bank)

Donna Howell Sickles Award - Gabriel Konkle with "Different Branches" ($500 scholarship from Donna Howell-Sickles)

Schad & Pulte Welding Supply Mostly Metal Award - JoAnna Hernandez with "Magpie Collection Jewlery Stand" ($50 cash prize from Schad & Pulte Welding Supply)

Schad & Pulte Welding Supply Mostly Metal Award - Aubrey Fortenberry with "Key To My Heart" ($50 cash prize from Schad & Pulte Welding Supply)

Special Judge's Award: Tammy Morrill with "Sailboat Lady" ($100 check from NCTC)

People's Choice Award: Janet Winkles with an untitled piece ($50 check from NCTC)

The Gainesville Area Visual Arts organization presented art supplies to the top three winners in each youth division. Those art supplies are funded by the Genelle Merrick Memorial Endowment Fund, which is a permanently endowed fund, established in 2001, intended specifically for winners at this annual exhibit.

For more information about the Annual Community Art Exhibit at North Central Texas College, contact the exhibit coordinator, Karen Lampson, at 940-668-7731 ext. 4504 or by email:

Art show winners from Sanger High School