Federal Requirement 4.1

Federal Requirement 4.1 The institution evaluates success with respect to student achievement including, as appropriate, consideration of course completion, State licensing examination, and job placement rates.

Compliance Narrative

An examination of the mission of North Central Texas College reveals that student success is at the core of the institutional value system. Collegiate graduates communicate effectively, think critically, understand and utilize collaborative methodologies, demonstrate competence in their chosen field, and are capable of adaptation to changing circumstances and new challenges. Further evidence is provided by an examination of the strategic planning themes, one of which is focused on student success, and preparation of students as ethical and productive citizens focused on achieving personal and professional goals.

To assess student achievement and success, North Central Texas College monitors a variety of indices: course completion, graduation rates, the results of the various licensure examinations, employment rates via graduate surveys, and job placement data.

Course Completion and Graduation Rates

North Central Texas College regularly evaluates the success of its students by analyzing student grades by major/course prefix each semester. There are also regular analyses of graduation rates for the academic programs and retention rates for various populations of students. This information is shared with the President's Cabinet, Deans, and Department Heads. Additionally, the institution employs a full-time Dean of Student Success who uses the results of these data for the planning and improvement of various activities such as tutoring, and supplemental instruction for our offerings.

Graduate and Employer Data

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, along with the Texas Workforce Commission conducts a study of graduates and their employer status and provides reports on the results.

Licensing Examinations

Results for licensing examinations, including pass rates, are maintained by the appropriate academic units. Datum are available for students in the Nursing program which attest the strong achievement levels of the graduates of these programs. The pass-rate for the Associate Degree of Nursing students taking the NCLEX-RN is 93.9% for 2013, while students in the LVN program passed the same exam at a 94.35% rate for the same period.

SACS/COC Federal Requirement 4.1 Goal Actual
Percentage of Courses Completed 87.50% 87.05%
Percentage of Students Passing a Licensure Exam 96.00% 93.36%
Graduation Rate 13.00% 14.00%
Transfer Rate 20.00% 20.00%
Fall Course Success Rate A, B, C (15 Term) 69.00% 69.61%
Employed only or Employed and enrolled at sr. institution 70.00% 65.20%
Percentage of Technical Graduates entering employment 75.00% 75.80%