Study Abroad

Research shows that students who participate in study abroad opportunities are 20% more likely to graduate. Students say that their study abroad experiences increased their self-confidence and those who participated had improved GPAs post-study abroad.

These trips are open to everyone. Trips' costs includes airfare, accommodations, breakfasts, several dinners, transportation, and entrance fees to all activities on itinerary. Only $95 to sign up!

Students enrolled for class credit will have to pay NCTC tuition and course fees separately. Financial aid will be available for those who qualify. 

Spring 2019: Paris and Amsterdam
May 20-27, 2019

Eiffel Tower - Study Abroad in Paris

NCTC is headed to Paris and Amsterdam in the Spring! Walk along the picturesque waterways that inspired the likes of Rembrandt and Seurat. Start at the River Amstel, whose palette changes from residential to rural in a few short steps. Three hundred miles downstream, it’s the serpentine River Seine that winds wildly through France to give Paris its charm.

For more information about our upcoming trip and to register:

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For more information, contact Kristen Weinzapfel at

Winter-mester 2019: Costa Rica
December 27, 2019 - January 4, 2020

Study Abroad in Costa Rica

Come study the environment and culture of Costa Rica!

Experience a volcano, a waterfall, nature, wildlife, the jungle, the ocean, gardens, culture, and much more. The tour is open to all NCTC students (including Dual Credit and Alumni), faculty, staff, and friends.

Payment plans and scholarships are available.

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For more information, email Jacob Arnold at

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the trip cost? add

 Typically, we try to keep the cost of the trips between $3000 - $3500. Be sure to look at the link to find the exact cost of the tour.

NCTC tuition is costs extra.

I would like to go, but I don't have the tour costs today. Is there a payment plan option so I may save first? add

There are payment plans available to pay out the trip. There's month-to-month or making four more sizable payments. It's only $95 to sign up and that goes toward the cost of the tour. Some students also use their tax returns and financial aid from this semester to take a big chunk out of the tour's cost for next semester or year.  If you sign up for Wintermester and Spring early, your payments are lower since you have longer to pay it.

What if I'm not a student at NCTC by the time the trip happens? add

Don't worry if you're not at NCTC because you've transferred or graduated! You're still welcome to come. You can come without taking the course as a "friend" or "alumni" of NCTC.

Is this a first come first serve trip? add

We have lots of spots open, so there's plenty of time and room.

When is the deadline to sign up? add

The deadline to sign up for Wintermester is late-September. The deadline for Spring is late February.

 How many spaces are available? add

We have 50 spots available, and you're welcome to also invite friends and family to join us on the trip.

Is this course only 10 days or will there be a traditional classroom setting, including assignments and exams post trip? add

 There will be an online course associated with the trip for students who want to earn credit.  

  • For Wintermester, we will offer a literature course online in 2nd 8-week in the fall semester. We'll also offer Comp I in the first 8 week session for any students who need that credit before beginning literature.
  • For Spring, we'll be offering a literature course online in 2nd 8-week in the spring semester. We'll also offer Comp I in the first 8 week session for any students who need that credit before beginning literature.
Is this a good deal? add

Yes! By comparison, a class at 4-year university is approximately $2000 for tuition, lab, and fees. A study abroad at a 4-year university is usually $7000 - $10,000. So, this study abroad experience at $3500 is a great deal and opportunity!